Saturday, 28 March 2015

Slow Muscle Up Tutorial – How to do a Muscle Up

Today I am presenting a quick tutorial on how to do a slow muscle up. The muscle up is basically a calisthenics movement combining a pull up, a transition phase and a dip. It is probably the most well known of all calisthenics movements for a good reason: it looks cool!, it's practically useful and it efficiently trains the whole upper body.

There are two main muscle ups: the fast muscle up and the slow muscle up. The fast muscle up is the one most people perform and it involves using momentum and power to skip the difficult transition phase. On the other hand, the slow muscle up is a pure strength move where you have to rely on strength to go through the hard transition phase. For most people the slow muscle up will be more difficult to learn.

Enjoy the video below:

Main takeaway points are:

  1. Get good at pull ups and dips 1st
  2. Get comfortable with the false grip
  3. Practice negatives and Russian dips to build the necessary strength
The above are the 3 keys to mastering the slow muscle up. Persist with the above and you will have the slow muscle up in no time!

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