Friday, 13 March 2015

Your Body is your Temple

Your body is your temple. Those are true words. The one home we are guaranteed to have throughout our lifetime is our own body. From the moment we are born to the moment we die we will always live in the same body we were born with. As such we should take care of it and make sure it is functioning properly.

Even though we all know this, most of us take it for granted. We abuse our bodies by smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. We overstuff ourselves with heavily chemically processed, nutrient depleted junk food. All day we sit in our car, desk at work, and sofa in front of the TV with minimal daily movement. We don’t take time for regular, vigorous movement to balance, challenge and adapt our bodies. And before you know it we become overweight, depressed, stressed, lacking in energy, we lose our drive, we develop low self esteem/image, we develop all sorts of diseases and ailments including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, arthiritis, COPD, osteoporosis, arthiritis, stroke, and all sorts of inflammatory and bowel conditions. And yet even then, despite all this damage, we continue to take our bodies for granted. But rather than making a balanced lifestyle, health promoting change, we then start popping dozens of expensive medical pills with all sorts of negative side effects.

People think that popping pills will sort all their problems but it doesn’t
. In most cases it will just mask or treat the symptoms. It won’t treat the root of the problem.

Fact is in most cases, these medical conditions could have been prevented, reversed or greatly ameliorated by:

  1. Doing regular moderate but challenging exercise
  2. Eating moderate amounts of predominantly natural, unrefined, nutrient dense food

These two steps are all that are needed. And just investing 2 hours per week in regular exercise and changing our eating habits to make processed food the exception rather than the rule would prevent and reverse a whole lot of pain and functional decline, and  greatly improve our self esteem, efficiency, competency and life quality and longevity.

The late, great Jack Lalanne said it best:

"Exercise is a normalizer. If you are too fat, too heavy it will help to bring you down to where it should be. If you are too thin it will help to bring you to where you should be."

This video summarises Jack Lalanne's views on the need for proper nutrition and exercise (the above quote is found on the 1:44 minute mark but I recommend you watch the whole clip):

And even though the video was first aired in the early 1900s. I completely agree with most of what he says. What he preached back in the early 1900s still holds true today. Our body is a reflection of who we are: Treat your body well and you will be rewarded in return. But abuse it and your body will reflect that.

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